Circuits and Systems for Neuro-Inspired, Cognitive, and Learning Abilities



Artificial Intelligence (AI) is driving a revolution in information technology as well as in many industries. New computing paradigms are required to support the emerging AI algorithms and applications, running on a diversity of platforms, from edge devices to cloud servers and from circuit level to system level. Addressing this challenge and opportunity, the AICAS conference has been established as the premier conference of the IEEE Circuits and Systems Society to promote and facilitate state-of-the-art research, innovation, and development activities at the frontiers of artificial intelligence circuits and systems. It serves as an excellent platform allowing world scholars, technology researchers, and industry to exchange experiences, demonstrate their studies, and further advance AI circuits and systems technologies.

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Conference Topics

  • Circuits and systems for AI
  • AI for Circuits and Systems
  • Deep learning/machine learning/AI algorithms
  • Tools/platforms for AI
  • Architecture for AI computing
  • Hardware/software co-design and design automation for AI systems
  • Advanced neural network design
  • Neuromorphic circuits, processors, and systems and their applications
  • Emerging applications: Internet-of-things, healthcare, smart factories, environment
  • Emerging devices and materials for AI
  • Computer vision algorithms and architectures
  • Recommendation system, language/text processing
  • Autonomous/unmanned vehicles and drone
  • Robotics and automation
  • Metaverse and AR/VR
  • Deep learning/machine learning for Future Wireless Communications
  • Education for AI and Circuits and Systems
  • AI for electronics design automation
  • AI for power electronics and energy conservation
  • AI in Education

Important Dates


22 Dec 2023

Submission of Tutorial Proposals

09 Jan 2024

Acceptance Notification of Tutorial Proposals


22 Dec 2023

Submission of Special Session Proposals

29 Dec 2023

Acceptance Notification of Special Session Proposals


22 Dec 2023

Submission of Papers and Live Demos

12 FEB 2024

Acceptance Notification of Regular / Special Session Papers and Live Demos


25 FEB 2024

Submission of Camera-ready Papers


Organizing Committee

General Chair

Prof. Thanos Stouraitis

Khalifa University, UAE

Technical Program Co-chairs

Prof. Gianluca Setti

KAUST, Saudi Arabia

Technical Program Co-chairs

Prof. Vassilis Paliouras

University of Patras, Greece

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